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Plusdesign was founded in 2006 by Lilia Laghi, Lorenzo Rossi and Mariano Pichler as new centre for design, artistic experimentation and refinement. The original project was both a gallery and a brand specialising in limited edition furniture and lighting.

In 2014 Plusdesign was acquired by Andrea Caputo and Luca Martinazzoli who inaugurated a new segment.
The gallery re-opens its doors in via Ventura, just a few meters away from the original location. This will be a space where one can experience and acquire exclusive pieces, as well as a place to re-think concepts and collaborations through research. Plusdesign is back marking a new direction of the gallery, from works based purely on artistic approach to analysis that encompasses all aspects of industrial and artisan design.

For information about past Plusdesign productions, please contact: info@plusdesigngallery.it